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May 4th, 2008 by Hans Bjordahl :: see related comic

Apologies for the extended Bug Bash downtime. In response to the occasional queries in the comments, a quick update on the reasons behind it and when to expect an update containing actual new comics:

1) A big project like the MSNBC.com redesign takes it out of you and (of greater concern) takes it out of your team. I’ve been working on getting both rested and ready for the next challenge. Meanwhile, I’m happy to say that we’ve been racking up some eye-popping traffic increases at MSNBC.com since the big launch.

2) It’s becoming clear to me that the future of static comic strips on the Internet is limited. As such, rather than new Bug Bashes, I’ve been working on an “animated proof of concept” project that will be unveiled on these pages shortly.

3) Even with all that, Dana’s had a few one-liners in my head that are just too good not to share. So some new Bug Bashes are on the way — I just can’t say exactly when yet.

More soon. Promise.

6 Responses to “Quick Update”
jethro wrote:

Animated? Give me a break if you can’t commit to a comic than a animated series will floor you before you get 2 episodes in. Comics aren’t going out, they’ve been around since cave paintings and they’ll exist to the end of humanity. That’s like saying that TV made the printed word obsolete, or MTV killed the radio.

The radio silence is what kills. It’s only by strange chance and some browser update problems that I hadn’t deleted this feed.

PaRaP wrote:

We want Bug Bash!

JD wrote:

Yo, static or animated, I’ll still tune in. I’ve kept your RSS feed on my comics list even though no new content in ~6mos…so I’ll give you another month or so ;) Thanks for all the funny, btw.

Joe wrote:

I think you are wrong about the animation.

Animation is interesting, but static comics get posted on bulletin boards, refrigerators, and cubicle walls. Hence, they live forever.

Personally, I’d prefer a regularly posted, static comic over animation any day.

Good luck either way.

Dave Aronson wrote:

Why do you think there are so few animated web comics? The entire concept SUCKS, at least every time I’ve seen it done. There are comics, and there are animations. Both are fine in their own right, but never the twain should meet. It’s like, say, floor wax and dessert topping. B-)

I should be able to open a bunch of browser tabs in the background to read the comics I like, and know that when I get to each one, the first panel will be THERE. When I want to read the next panel, all I should have to is a slight twitch of the eyeball muscles. In neither case should I have to wait for the comic to “scroll” around to the first/next panel, at the artist’s idea of a one-size-fits-all speed (usually that of a moron sounding out each letter). I shouldn’t have to press a Start button, unless it’s an actual animation per se. I certainly shouldn’t have to press a Next button for each panel. If it’s that long that it requires being shown “slideshow” fashion, it’s TOO LONG, and needs to be broken up over multiple installments… or simply rethought.

Save yourself, and your loyal readers, a lot of needless frustration. Don’t reinvent the square wheel.

Jim Ourada wrote:

I have to say that I’ve found animated strips less than appealing. Oft times they don’t work with my browser or its settings. And when they do, I have to restart them several times to get the gist of what it means.

With static comics, I can re-read the strip as necessary.

Curious I am, what would give you the idea that static strips are going away? That certainly isn’t my interpretation.
As an example, go read the comments to the recent changes that Scott Adams suffered through with his flash enhanced Dilbert page. (Thankfully he had mercy on we that just want to read the comics and now has static feeds up. I’ve never gone back to the main page).

My two sense worth, but I do like Bug Bash as it is.

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