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5 Responses to “The Receptionist: Help With Projects”
Miles Archer wrote:

i don’t get it. Ok, i understand it. It’s odd, but not funny.

Amhed wrote:

Yeah, I didn’t get it either :S

PsychoRabbit wrote:

I think it’s rather amusing. Shows that sometimes you don’t know what to make of some people.

I’ve known a cleaning woman at the University who dressed like a hostess and was treated accordingly to visitors. She looked very lady-like so I guess originally she wasn’t a cleaning woman but she had to take the job anyway.

Steve wrote:

To those who didn’t get it: It’s a creative pun about how whenever you get an e-mail from Recep, their signature says “Available To Help With Projects.” I’ve yet to figure out what kinds of projects this refers to, though =P

GHD Hair Straightener wrote:

I saw this truly fantastic post these days!

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