Bug Blackout


May 23rd, 2005 by Hans Bjordahl :: 27 Comments

Howdy! Welcome to the inaugural episode of Bug Bash. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I’ll be able to effortlessly post a new episode of the comic weekly (every Monday), as well as add a few notes, thoughts, and requests for money (or illicit encounters) in this space below. It promises to be a great experiment in <SYNTAX ERROR>

Um, ok. Though apparently there are a few bugs to be worked out yet, I’m sure this site will soon be allowing all of us to fulfill the promise of ERROR 49387: OUT OF MEMORY ERROR. PLEASE RESET SYSTEM RESOURCES AND CHANGE REGISTRY PREFERENCES.

Hm. I guess I better wrap up quickly. So what is Bug Bash about? It’s about managing technology, the business of technology, and all the odd characters forced to work together to build the software, networks, Web sites and cell phones that connect us to each other with increasing and sometimes terrifying speed.

If you’ve been charged with driving just such a project forward, I hope you’ll be able to find a comic or two that makes you think “Oh yeah. I’ve been there.” It’ll be worth a weekly check-in. I promise.


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Bug Bash is a comic strip written and illustrated by Hans Bjordahl. Bug Bash is a comic strip about technology: managing technology, the business of technology. It's about project management and managing projects through the dull world of Rational Rose, use cases, and requirements. Functional requirements, user requirement, functional specifications, design specifications, call it what you want but it's still the bane of project managers. And when you're done with that, you can think about all the fun that comes with timelines, scheduling, estimates (PERT estimation anyone?) and resourcing until Gantt charts are coming out of your ears. Let's not forget the risk management in the software engineering life cycle. Maintaining the project is just as much fun, managing what was initially set out in requirements and trying to keep feature creep / scope creep in check with change management. If any of these words send nightmares to you, the project manager, then this site probably rings true with you. (Who Links Here?)