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25 Responses to “Bug Blackout”
Jez wrote:

Great comic, will be sending that to a few friends.
Thanks to OK/Cancel for the introduction.

Kevin Cheng wrote:

i wonder what happens if they’d hit “42″ and submit instead.

Len Conte wrote:

1 week later at the bug review meeting…

Development: “I think we should downgrade that defect from a severity 1 to a severity 2″

QA: “How can that be?…it shutdown the lights, and almost burned down the building.”

Development: “well, errr… the sprinklers worked, didn’t they? “

Lori Goldman wrote:

It’s not a bug, it’s an “unexpected benefit.”

Yay, Hans! More cartoons from you at last!

Thomas wrote:

Bookmarking BUGBASH.NET!

Daniel wrote:

Why don’t you add the comic to the RSS feed too?

Will Koffel wrote:

Agreed with Daniel, I will read religiously if the comic is in the RSS feed, but will probably bail entirely if I have to click through every time. Put Google Ads in the RSS feed too, if it’s a monetary concern.

Robert Scoble wrote:

I agree too. No comic in the feed and I’m not visiting again. Sorry.

Ilya Haykinson wrote:

Yup, same here — please put the comic in the feed…

I hear Google now supports AdSense in RSS feeds, if ads are an issue.

Brian Sexton wrote:

> Robert Scoble wrote:
> I agree too. No comic in the feed and I’m not visiting again. Sorry.

Why be sorry? Save him some bandwidth and your feed-zealotry, why don’t you?

Whaaaa! Someone put out a free comic, but he didn’t put it in the feed! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Setting up my feed-reader to follow links and archive pages when it archives feeds is unacceptable! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Mommy!

I, for one, intend to read your comic again regardless of the state of its feeds. Just make a good comic and I will keep coming back. As you have probably heard before, content is king. It always has been and it always will be. Scoble just doesn’t seem to get that. Do not let him or his fellow feed-zealots trick you into thinking that the quality of your content is less important than the means by which they happen to access it.

Brian Sexton wrote:

By the way, feel free to replace “king” with “queen”, “monarch of unspecified gender”, “duly elected representative or representatives”, or whatever else strikes your fancy. ;)

Justin Pitts wrote:

Please. Placing the comic into the feed is a consumer benefit. You’re making a choice - my comfort or yours. Will I drop it if the comic isnt in the feed? Not necessarily, but more likely.

Bashing Robert seems to be all the rage, but I suspect you might be a little off base there.

Robert Scoble wrote:

Brian: you don’t get it.

Reading content via the Web wastes my time. I don’t put up with most things that waste my time unless they get over the bar of usefulness vs. time waste. Comics have to be extraordinary to get over this bar.

Hans Bjordahl wrote:

Thanks for the feedback everyone. You want it, you got it! We’ll be including the comic in the feed shortly. Why? Because Bug Bash loves you. :)

UmeshU wrote:

Great comic Hans. I hope this is in addition to, and not instead of, the comic you publish in Micronews.

Robert MacLean wrote:

Thanks to the power of Firefox, which read the meta tags, it found a feed

If you are going to complain about things make sure you first have your ducks in a row (in other words stop using IE and use FF before complaining about lack of feeds)

Ben Winzenz wrote:

If you’ll re-read the comments, the complaint wasn’t about the lack of a feed, it was the lack of the “comic” in the feed. Since Hans has graciously decided to include the comic in the feed, it’s a moot point now. Anyways, it’s great to see a techno-geek centric comic. Keep up the good work, Hans!

Kevin Cheng wrote:

You know, there are three webcomics I know of that have any RSS feed at all. One is Penny Arcade, and the other two are both Off Panel comics: this and OK/Cancel. The fact there’s any feed at all is a miracle ;)

As for Scobelizer and other’s comments, while I understand the need to have it, I have to say Robert’s tone was akin to a spoiled child holding his breath until he got his way.

Lucky for you, Robert, I like you better with your face not blue.

Comics are now in the feeds on both OK/Cancel and Bug Bash.

Brian Sexton wrote:

Robert: Actually, I do get it; the *SECONDS* it takes for a Web page to load (if you click through rather than having it automatically pre-fetched, that is) are such a *HUGE* waste of your precious time. I just happen to think you are being unrealistic and unreasonable.

As for wasting time, how much longer does it take to have a Web page automatically saved to your system than an RSS feed?


That would be too little to notice, I suspect.

And how much longer does it take to read a comic on a pre-fetched standard Web page than the same comic in a pre-fetched feed?


That would be zero, folks.

If you want to rationalize yourself out of a free source of entertainment, that is your business, but I recommend against it; frankly, I think you could probably use a few comics to help you lighten up, Robert. You might call it a waste of time to expend the minute or two that would be necessary to read a few comics, but it sounds like time well spent to me.

Justin: I am not out to bash Robert or anyone else. However, when someone is acting like a whining, ungrateful, self-righteous prima donna zealot (in this case, a feed zealot), pointing it out should be considered a favor to that person so he or she can take a few seconds to introspect and improve. If you ever catch me acting like that, by all means please let me know; I welcome the opportunity for improvement.

Andy wrote:

Love the comic - so apt!
As to the content vs time argument - sure it only takes a second to click through to load a web page - but if you had to do that for 700 feeds, what would be the point in using an RSS reader in the first place?
Thanks Hans for providing the feed.

Brian Sexton wrote:

> As to the content vs time argument - sure it only takes a second to click through to load a web page - but if you had to do that for 700 feeds, what would be the point in using an RSS reader in the first place?

Feeds allow us to scan headlines and decide which content to load in full instead of wasting our own bandwidth, the bandwidth of the sites we read, and the bandwidth of the Internet at large by loading content we have already seen or are uninterested in as the full-text and comic-in-feed crowd want us to do.

In theory, a smart feed-reader can load just the new content if it is dated, but that does not apply to all feed-readers and it does not solve the problem of unwanted content being loaded (and reloaded and reloaded, etc.).

Doug Wray wrote:

I’m a web developer and can SOOOO relate to this! LOL! Well-done. Truth is tho, it’s not usually the lights in YOUR building that go out. hee hee…

“Cratering” is the common vernacular for this kind of software behavior.

spinner8 wrote:

Always room for more good humor. Thanks for making the world a funnier place.

Flaphead wrote:

Thats not a bug … it’s an undocumented feature :-D

DINESH wrote:

Great set of comics u have here !! and please try to have an rss feed to it !

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