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If Bugs Were _____, You’d Be _____

July 23rd, 2007 by Hans Bjordahl :: 41 Comments

The nice thing about the “If Bugs Were People, You’d Be China” joke is that it’s almost infinitely extensible. Really, try it: “If Bugs Were _____, You’d Be _____.”

When the “If Bugs Were” comic ran in the internal newsletter of a large Northwest software company, I used it to incite just such a company-wide contest. Funny how when you open the gates like that, you learn that your readers are actually funnier than you are.

The best lines from that particular contest are included below. (Individuals aren’t credited only because no one gave me explicit permission to expose their names beyond the firewall – but the writers are encouraged to claim credit if they happen to be reading this.)

10) If bugs were coffee, you’d be Starbucks.

9) If bugs were reruns, you’d be “Gilligan’s Island”

8) If bugs were money, you’d be Bill Gates.

7) If bugs were Elvis sightings, you’d be a supermarket tabloid.

6) If bugs were tornadoes, you’d be a trailer park in Kansas.

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