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Hans seeks Software Development Engineer / News Junkie

October 14th, 2007 by Hans Bjordahl :: Comment »

There’s lots going on these days at, so much so that we’re on a little bit of a hiring jag (at least by standards — after all we’re only about 200 employees). Much of what we’re working on right now I can’t yet talk about in the public sphere, but our recent acquisition of Newsvine underscores’s commitment to being a primary driver in the rapidly evolving online news space. In short, if you’re interested in journalism and technology, is where the action is.

My team (the somewhat generically named “Site Development Team”) is right in the thick of some of the good stuff, and it just so happens we now have a position open for a developer. Interested (or know someone who might be)? Read on. Applicants for the below job should e-mail me directly at hans(dot)bjordahl(at)msnbc(dot)com. The position is located in the Seattle area (Redmond, Wash., specifically).

Software Development Engineer, Site Development Team

You know, we had a prepared speech ready to tell you how great this job is, but instead, we’re going to tear that speech up and just speak from the heart.

(Sound of prepared speech being torn up.)

Here’s the bottom line: We’re looking for software developer who’s two things:

1) A brilliant software engineering mind who can’t be contained in just one technology. Your war stories include adventures in C#, SQL, XML/XSL/XSLT, ASP.NET and some stuff they haven’t even created acronyms for yet. Whatever it took to get the job done. You’ve had it with the dull, siloed, bureaucratic existence in huge corporations, but you really don’t want to go work for a startup where chaotic 100-hour weeks are the norm and every bug is treated like a company-wide panic attack that threatens to imperil the next round of funding.

2) You’re a news junkie. Some have even called you a “problem news junkie.”

If that sparks your interest, keep reading.

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