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Msnbc.com Redesign Launches

November 18th, 2007 by Hans Bjordahl :: 4 Comments

It took eleven months, seven concurrent projects, multiple teams, and the hard work of dozens of brilliant and dedicated people, and on the second weekend in November it all came together in a singular moment when the new msnbc.com redesign was launched and unveiled to the public.

As co-director of the overarching redesign project at msnbc.com (which we call the “UX Evolution”), the launch leaves me simultaneously exhilarated and exhausted.

Whether you love it or hate it (and redesigns always spark a livid debate along those lines), this is a redesign of some import. For starters, msnbc.com is fortunate enough to be firmly ensconced on the leading edge of the news industry, surging with a steady stream of new users who are abandoning traditional news sources, such as newspapers and the venerable evening newscast, in droves. As such, we’re at an inflection point where the decisions we make in the context of such a redesign have a real shot at influencing not just our 30 million users, but the direction of the industry as a whole. Second, msnbc.com made a conscious decision to move beyond the stale “Web 2.0 template” that was once considered cutting edge, but is now stamping sites large and small with the same numbing aesthetic orthodoxy. Thirdly, there’s more to the redesign than meets the eye, as the project also delivered a significant evolution in how high-traffic, high-volume Web publishing itself is architected and managed.

Heady stuff, especially for a J-school grad like myself who’s honored and thrilled to have such a seat on the bridge of the industry. You can find my post on msnbc.com’s “Alpha Channel” blog detailing some travails of the project here. Now it’s time to catch up on some sleep.

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