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10 Responses to “Bacon”
Hrishikesh wrote:

Welcome back!!!

Dave wrote:

Bacon, bacon, bacon.

A random poll at work conducted after seeing this cartoon produced a staggering 75% “I’d be more productive if they offered bacon” result.

Jason Cox wrote:

I may have to recommend this incentive at my office…

brion wrote:


Mr. T wrote:

Glad to have Bug Bash back - I used your time off to re-read my old Where the Buffalo Roam book.

Ravi Wallau wrote:

Finally back!

Melissa wrote:

Bacon is a great incentive :)
So easy to motivate :)

Alexey Feldgendler wrote:

In the company where I work, we get bacon. The productivity is through the roof.

Velle wrote:

You’re BACK!!! Thrilled to bits.

James wrote:

Oink! Oink! Can’t you people leave us pigs alone? Why do pigs always have to committed to software development? Do you really need to eat my little brother to help your motivation? You humans are sick. And you lack hygiene.

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