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This Is Gonna Be Big

October 2nd, 2005 by Hans Bjordahl :: 6 Comments

After spending some time in this forum soliciting gripes about the worst technology experience ever, I thought I’d flip around and focus on experiences that get us enthused about technology in the first place.

What brought this to mind? This past weekend I was in the Apple store, and it was a zoo. Apparently, the newer, smaller, sexier iPod — the “Nano” — was just being released and the store was in the throes of what all retailers dream of: a true consumer frenzy. The buzz was palpable. The line at the register must have been 20 people deep. I heard someone say “only four left!” but everyone seemed to be happy to just get on the waiting list. People tired of crowding around the Nanos were spilling out and actively inspecting the rest of the Apple products in the store — just like Apple diagrammed it. : )


The iPod/Nano phenomenon seems to be just one in a surge of technology products and experiences that are capturing people’s imagination these days.

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